Thursday, August 13, 2015



This is Ryon, he is 15 years old and has VERY little time. I am talking little time! 9/30 someone needs to have their i600A in on him to prevent him from aging out. I have known him over a year and 3 of my children grew up with him. When adopting 3 of my children last year he was with us daily and loved playing soccer with my Kolya. He loves soccer very much and played competitive soccer with our son Kristjan. He loves also to play ping pong.

He is very shy and soft spoken and kind. He in not all up in your face and looking for all the attention, he is the polar opposite. He waits to be asked to join in. He is a very good young man and never caused trouble in school, and did as asked by the staff. He does not smoke, drink or follow the crowd. He avoids the crowds of kids doing wrong and avoids trouble. Now that I am in Ukraine and with him daily he has made it very clear he wants a family. I have been watching him and when he does not know I am looking. He sees the needs of people or things that needs to be done and he moves. For instance. All the kids ate sunflower seeds. Made a massive mess. All the kids left their mess behind them. Ryon stepped up and grabbed the broom and started cleaning the shells up. I have never in over a year seen him raise his voice at any authoritative figure or refuse to do what is asked of him. He never was a big hugger but now I am greeted with a smile and big hug. He has the hope of a forever family. He said he hopes for a large family. He is not picky but he would enjoy lots of brothers and sisters. Not a normal request when I talk to kids! Ryon wants to help contribute to a family and have someone to just plan love him and cheer-lead him. He wants an affectionate mother and father as he has never had that and to invest in his life. The boy has a crooked smile that can light up a dark room. He is not a charming young man to manipulate people but charming as his heart is sensitive as he holds to hopes of a better future then he knows he has now. His very real and knows what he is up against alone.

For a man of few words I was very proud of him about 3 weeks before coming to Ukraine for our boys he reached out to me via internet and asked for help to find a family. This is HUGE for Ryon.
PS I have many more photos of Ryon as well to share.


AGING OUT TEEN November 22nd, Samuel! He is 15 years old. Need your help folks to push this young man. He is quiet and reserved and he has been brave enough to reach out to me to ask for help to find him a forever family as he is shy. I have known him over a year and he is very close to my children. He is my daughters best friend. He is very friendly, kind, courteous. If you ask for help he will be there to lend a hand. I recall when he had an opportunity to sneak out to go visit his Aunt as he so wanted to see her and I told him along with our facilitator not to do it, it was not worth the cost or repercussion should he get caught. The next day I arrived at the school and he came and told me he listened to us and did not go but he stayed at the school although it hurt him not to leave and go see her. I am with him now daily at camp while adopting my children. Many of the kids are making fun of him because he wants a family so badly. They are teasing him and coming down hard on him. He is trying to avoid the pressures and is working off campus to earn money and stay away from the pressures. He longs for a family so badly. You see it in his actions and eyes. When he sees me you can see he is losing hope of what can be. He is not picky on what kind or size family he has. He wants to belong and be loved and help as asked. I have never seen him like Ryon the other boy I am advocating for talk back to their teachers or show them disrespect. He always greets me with a smile and hug.

He likes to play soccer for fun and ride a bike. I would not refer to him as a total sports nut. As he is on the calmer side but he does enjoy them. Samuel is on the school soccer team as well.
He is always near us not saying a lot but always having a gentle humble smile. His smile and face always for over a year has reflected the desire of family. It is clear as day but he just needed to to say something. Well folks HE IS! He is boldly telling me to help him find him a family before it it too late for him.

Even when Kristjan and Angelica were writing they wanted me to adopt them last year, Samuel was right there as you will see photo'd behind Angelica, they are best friends and he has hoped all along for this opportunity as well for a family to say "I pick you".

PS I have many other photos of him as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Folks we are in the home stretch.  I leave in 9 days for Ukraine.  We are still in need of $17,640.00 on funds to be fully funded to bring the boys home but by golly the amount is chipping away are my dear friend Darla would say.  And the question is will I be on that plane even if the money does not come in.  YES.  A big fat YES!  All our children are adopted from Ukraine and we were not funded on all their adoptions when we had our SDA date.  We still went in faith God would meet the need and he did to every dollar and not a dollar more or less. We trust God will do this again and trust He will as we know without any doubt he lead us to these boys we have loved and adored for over a year.  

Meet the amazing boys we are moving God speed to return to!

Meet Daniel and "Banana", Bo! 
To read our story about these amazing boyz please visit:  
We have several things we are doing to raise the needed funds for the boyz!  Please see below!  Our family cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and support over the years for our family!!! You all have been the hands and feet of Christ in action and we are all so amazed by your love and support and we are so completely grateful!
"Authentic Ukraine Arts & Crafts GIVEAWAY For The Boyz"
This giveaway is a bunch of beautiful items straight from Ukraine. 
 Ukraine beautiful farm setting painting in box
Brand New Beautiful Ukrainian hand embroidered boys shirt with tassels straight from Ukraine.
Size fits boys sizes 5-6
Stunning St. Andrews church by the DAP (SDA) office in Ukraine. This eggshell artwork was done by my daughter Angelica to help bring the boys home. This took her over a week to complete. Just amazing!

Kyiv St. Andrews Painted Plate
Handmade in Ukraine Women's Handkerchief
Handmade in Ukraine Ram. Rams are symbols of leadership, strength, dignity, and perseverance.
Handmade Ukrainian rope earrings from Ukraine.
"Spirit Lead Me" wall sign custom made. 13" x 15" made by Nicole Dewberry.
Stunning USA and Ukraine flag lapel pin.
Handmade Ukraine doll magnet
New medium silver Living Locket with crystals.
It has three charms, a daisy, a pink mom charm and the speak up hand charm from the child help foundation. Donated by Lisa Ellis Massey. Value $54.00
Ukraine patch

Beautiful flower 80 sheet notebook and matching 6 note cards and envelopes. Not from Ukraine but stunning!
Ukraine toilet paper!!  Does not get any better then this!
Leather handmade adjustable Ukraine bracelet
Adorable Ukrainian magnet that says a stove does not make a house warm but love does.
Ukraine and USA flag together lapel pin. It says "Still not dead, Ukraine!".

Made in Ukraine real fur bunny hat.
Ukraine patch
Roshen Collectors Chocolate Set
Beautiful Ukrainian hand embroidered boys shirt with tassels straight from Ukraine. Brand new....
Size fits boys sizes 8-10
Authentic Ukraine hand painted REAL chicken egg
Hand made/painted in Ukraine of a coffee shop and it is a windchime.
Ukraine handmade pin cushion or could be used as an ornamnet
Ukraine Green tea
Handmade Ukraine backpack
Local famous Ukraine artist sunflower plate
Beautiful Ukrainian hand embroidered boys shirt with tassels straight from Ukraine. Brand new....
Size fits boys sizes 10-12
Ukraine scarf
Ukraine patch
Ukraine magnet
Ukraine heart lapel pin
Hand painted by local Ukraine artist flower bracelet
Handmade in Ukraine embroidered egg that represents Easter.
I love Ukraine earrings
Handmade Ukraine heart pendant
St. Andrews in Ukraine gladd magnet
Ukraine patch
Bee soap made in Ukraine
I love Ukraine magnet
Local amazing artist framed art of St. Andrews Church in Kyiv.  Signed and numbered.
Ukraine earrings
Kyiv windchime

Potpourri sachet handmade in Ukraine. Could fit a skinny cell phone too as that is what my kids have all asked.
11x14 of St. Andrews Chruch in Ukraine next to the DAP (SDA) office. Drawling done by our son, Kolya.
Mustard Seed Faith verse, Matthew 17:20 handmade painting by Nicole. Measures 6.5" wide by 18" tall.
Stunning St. Andrews church by the DAP (SDA) office in Ukraine. This eggshell artwork was done by my daughter Angelica to help bring the boys home. This took her over a week to complete. Just amazing!
Silver cross of Jesus from St. Andrews church next to the SDA (DAP) office.
Roshen chocolate in a Kyiv Ukraine collectors box.  

How does the giveaway work? To enter the giveaway it is $1.00 per entry. With a minimum $5 entry to have a chance to win one at random one of the many items in the giveaway. The more entries you donate to the more chances you have to win items! So $5 gets you 5 entries, $10 will get you 12 entries $15 dollar will get you 20 entries, $20 will get you 30 entries, $25 will get you 40 entries, $30 will get you 60 entries, $35 will get you 95 entries, $40 will you 130 entries and $50 will get you 170 entries. If you would like more entries please just take the dollar amount to what you want and I will add it to calculate how many entries. For instance a $50.00 = 170 entries and then $30.00 = 60 entries. A dollar donation total of $80.00 will get you 230 entries.

Donations can be made to our paypal at and please select sending it to a "friend/family" to avoid paypal fees. Or you can donate tax deductible to our youcaring account at or but please add 3% for paypal fees for both you caring and RR. Winning bidder will pay shipping.

Giveaway end date July 15th! 




For a $45.00 donation I can make a custom design sign for you.  You tell me a theme or picture you would like along with a bible verse or something you would like and I will work with you to make it. Here are some examples below of the ones I have made. They measure 13.5" tall by 15" wide.  Shipping is $10.00 within the US.

Donations can be made to our paypal at and please select sending it to a "friend/family" to avoid paypal fees. Or you can donate tax deductible to our youcaring account at or but please add 3% for paypal fees for both you caring and RR.


Soccer Ball Fundraiser for Bo & Daniel!!

Here is Bo and Daniel, these are young men we love and adore and are on our way to adopt!

Can you help us bring "Banana", Bo home and Daniel?! They like our other kiddos loves soccer. They breathe it! They are both amazing soccer players.

For a $40.00 donation towards their adoption we will write a message and your name on the ball for them. When Nicole goes to adopt them she will bring their soccer balls to them so they can see all the support, prayers and love for them!

Donations can be made to via paypal and please select sending it as a "friend/Family" to avoid paypal fees or you can make a tax-deductable donation at:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in bringing Bo and Daniel home!


Thirty One Party by Emily Harry

Please come take a peak at the awesome items perfect for summer at the beach, picnics or outings!


My dear friend Darla Messenger is holding a Pampered Chef fundraiser for the boys.  Please come see all the awesome goodies they have! Place an order by Saturday at 9 PM and get a FREE Cookbook!